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Classic playfield reproductions Empty Classic playfield reproductions

Post by Malibu-ss on Wed Mar 30, 2016 11:02 pm

Lots of new playfields coming!!

Hello All,

Last month we launched the revamped 2016 CPR Preorder Page at the web site, which in turn launched all the ready-go playfield candidates for the next few years so they could begin the interest collecting & preorder process.

Today we finish that revamp, with the final 6 additions posted to the CPR Preorder Page today... our remaining candidates in the DataEast and Classic Stern realm! These are art packages now in our finished archives, complete silkscreen master separations, masterfully reproduced by Stuart Wright, who has been working on these for over a year. So now they are all in CPR's sights, and they go up for market consideration with all the other candidates:

DataEast GnR
DataEast Star Trek
DataEast Rocky & Bullwinkle
DataEast LW3
DataEast Tommy
Stern Electronics Meteor

They can be found in the Standard Preorder and Boutique Zone sections, and are awaiting your order/vote.

This will be it for now, as there is plenty there to keep us busy for the next 2-3 years. We now hunker down and continue production, with the ongoing effort to complete 8-10 runs a year to methodically complete these one at a time, and shrink the list over time. Yes, it will take patience for some of the lesser desired titles to come along - but that is where you guys influence the sequence, by means of response.

Have at it ! Thx.

Classic Playfield Reproductions

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