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ColorDMD Displays is especially excited to announce multicolor support for our 44th game: Cirqus Voltaire! Using ColorDMD's newly announced RGB LED display platform, we're finally able to bring full frame-by-frame colorization to one of the most colorful games in pinball history!
Cirqus Voltaire served as the inspiration behind development for ColorDMD's compact new RGB LED display! The ColorDMD LED display features an array of 128x32 RGB LEDs and sports a similar form factor to conventional DMD displays. The new LED display fits neatly behind the Cirqus pinball playfield where it's always in view!

Cirqus Voltaire was colored by ColorDMD co-founder Chris Enright. Chris' long list of contributions include Addams Family, Fish Tales, Indiana Jones, Medieval Madness, Metallica, Monster Bash, Scared Stiff, Star Trek: TNG, Tales of the Arabian Nighs, Theatre of Magic, Twilight Zone, and White Water!
Chris is also the founder of the Orange County Pinball League, and continues to organize and run monthly league meetings and tournaments. Chris is also a mechanical engineer and has reproduced a number of rare parts for both modern and prewar pinball machines.

Cirqus Voltaire uses the newly designed ColorDMD LED platform. All LED displays ship with the factory installed SIGMA ROM that supports WPC, WPC95, SAM, and Whitestar platforms. Multicolor operation is enabled through download and installation of a game-specific color ROM file, available from our site. ROMs can be changed at any time, allowing use with other supported LED titles.

The pilot run of LED displays is shipping now from our store site. The color ROM for Cirqus Voltaire pinball machines is targeted for release by Friday, August 5! Watch our site and Facebook page for upcoming announcements regarding new product updates and releases! For more information, please visit us at

COLORDMD JOINS THE CIRCUS! 290a1641ed55c604d795f7697aee6622b4ef5c8f.png

COLORDMD JOINS THE CIRCUS! 578cf6b60f4ab29b8ced23b719bb7400abe64c5e.png

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