ColorDMD Is Back. Game 45 is T3!

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ColorDMD Is Back. Game 45 is T3! Empty ColorDMD Is Back. Game 45 is T3!

Post by Malibu-ss on Tue Aug 09, 2016 8:46 am

'm Back... (and so is Dave). Game 45!

Hard to believe but like the Terminator, ColorDMD is Back!... for the third major announcement in a week... and this time we brought Dave!

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines is the 45th title to be supported by the ColorDMD multicolor pinball display platform. It is also the second new title to be released in conjunction with the ColorDMD LED display. The new compact LED display, which uses a 128x32 array of RGB LEDs, is similar in size to conventional DMD displays and allows easier installation for T3 games due to the integrated RPG launcher mechansim in the backglass.

ColorDMD Is Back. Game 45 is T3! 57ef6e3e23a5bd781fb0b2c3b8b0dd832869cabf.png

There's no escape for Dave Timmer who's supporting back-to-back releases along with RollerCoaster Tycoon. This is his 7th title overall! He also colorized Road Show, Monopoly, Shadow, Demolition Man, and Apollo 13.

Truth be told, Dave completed T3 some time ago and also came up with some clever suggestions for mounting the original ColoriDMD in the T3 backbox. However, knowing the new LED display was in the works, we decided to hold release until we could offer an easier solution.
T3 uses the newly designed ColorDMD LED pinball display platform. All our LED displays ship with the factory installed SIGMA ROM that supports WPC, WPC95, SAM, and Whitestar platforms. Multicolor operation is enabled through download and installation of a game-specific color ROM file, available from our site. ROMs can be changed at any time, allowing use with other supported LED titles.
The pilot run of LED displays is shipping now from our store site. The color ROM for T3 pinball machines is targeted for release by the week of August 7! Watch our site and Facebook page for upcoming announcements regarding new product updates and releases! For more information, please visit us at

ColorDMD Is Back. Game 45 is T3! 12bc0e2d7180e8d6948f5281b407992ec83e24ac.png

ColorDMD Is Back. Game 45 is T3! Bf99d520f10decde757b8f00f7c9d5042b00ed97.png

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