ColorDMD Ventures Into The Congo! Game 48!

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ColorDMD Ventures Into The Congo! Game 48! Empty ColorDMD Ventures Into The Congo! Game 48!

Post by Malibu-ss on Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:22 pm


ColorDMD Displays is excited to announce support for Congo pinball machines! Previewed at Pinball Expo earlier this month, Congo is the 48th supported multicolor release for the ColorDMD pinball display platform and 17th title release in 2016.

ColorDMD Ventures Into The Congo! Game 48! 721afdd85b9ba1fec0b5435f9fe9df3ab752d4f8.png

John Dozier, colorist for ColorDMD's X-Men release, returns for Congo! John is a a pinball enthusiast and web designer from Springfield, Missouri. He's also an active Pinsider, and member of the Queen City Pinball League with fellow ColorDMD developer Brandon Pennington.

ColorDMD Ventures Into The Congo! Game 48! 8ee4a170d47812fbdca9a77c1b37b280ef846cad.png

John brings his special talents to bear on this long awaited title. Search the jungle for brightly colored diamonds while avoiding the vibrant pitfalls of full-color hippos, snakes, gorillas, and raging volcanoes. No stone has been left unturned, including the video mode!

ColorDMD Ventures Into The Congo! Game 48! 14029f3574d5773c82169a4d87a385e065dd745c.png

The ColorDMD for Congo pinball machines leverages the company's easy-to-install ColorDMD LCD and LED platforms. Displays ship with the factory installed SIGMA ROM. Multicolor operation is enabled through free download and installation of a game-specific color ROM using a USB drive. The display may be reconfigured for use with any supported title.

Color ROMs for Congo will be available for new Chroma LED and LCD displays, as well as original ColorDMD LCD displays.

ColorDMD Ventures Into The Congo! Game 48! 909fa7f18aff6b7fde9229822e96f83d5407c372.png

New displays are currently rolling off the production line. Our website is now taking orders that will be filled as stock is received from manufacturing. The color ROMs for Congo pinball machines are targeted for release on Friday, November 4.

Thank you for your continued support! For additional information, including upcoming game previews, please visit us at!

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