CPR Announcement: DINER Translite-to-Backglass

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CPR Announcement: DINER Translite-to-Backglass Empty CPR Announcement: DINER Translite-to-Backglass

Post by Malibu-ss on Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:36 am


On the heels of the Pin*Bot translite conversion from last month, our next instalment of this mission is the DINER backglass.

Consider it a mod, or consider it a complete replacement - it's Diner's translite turned into a "real" backglass (tempered glass panel, reverse-silkscreened in true layered inks, and original light masks are in place). Stu's mirror creations have been incorporated, adding tasteful and cool accents to the classic watercolor painting layout of the translite artwork.

Color densities of the genuine layered inks give a nice contrast and extended dynamic range to the colors (blacker blacks, whiter whites) and our new inks (chemically made for glass production) are proving to really hold up to being brightly backlit with virtually NO 'washout' to the colors.

Available and shipping now. Found in the Backglass section of our website Store.

Classic Playfield Reproductions

CPR Announcement: DINER Translite-to-Backglass Glas-diner01

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