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Post by Malibu-ss on Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:43 am

Here is some good info it you buy from Marco Specialties

We are able to save you money on shipping for your orders of $250 USD or more.
Eligibility :
-Customer Outside of the U.S.
-Orders of $250 or more
What do I need to do?
Create an account on if you don’t have one.
Login to your account.
Place the items you wish to order in your cart (make sure they don’t show as Out of Stock).
E-mail and be sure to include:
-Subject Line: International Order Request
-Your shipping address
-Total cost of the order (USD, not including any shipping charges)
-Your user login
-Your preferred method of payment: Paypal/Credit Card (if Credit Card is preferred please make sure it
is saved on your online account).
You may copy the below information into your e-mail to save you time:
International Order Request
Shipping Address:
Total Cost (USD):
User Login:
Payment Method:
What will Marco Specialties do?
We will quote the shipping costs directly from us which will save transit time and money for our international
customer base. Once you have approved the shipping method we will send a Paypal invoice or charge your
Credit Card.
Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive the payment.

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