Holy crap these are crazy funny... STNG custom voice set :)

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Holy crap these are crazy funny... STNG custom voice set :)

Post by paulohotline on Thu Feb 07, 2013 1:00 pm

Is this custom voice set worth the $175 pricetag?

Or burn the eproms yourself -> download form here: http://www.ipdb.org/files/2357/sttng_x7.zip

Check out the video, they are fricking halarious, gives the PIN a ton of personality:

Regular production ST:TNG games did not have these "custom" ROMs installed.
Here is a list of quotes that are included in this ROM version. Again, these were done by the original ST:TNG actors. These
quotes are played/heard during events throughout game play:

Dr. Crusher: "Do you have medical insurance?"
Dr. Crusher: "Do you realize most of my patients die?"
Dr. Crusher: "Hello mama, my name is Jack."
Dr. Crusher: "James Cleveland, James Cleveland."
Dr. Crusher: "Hello Mama, my name is Jack" w/ piano.
Dr. Crusher: "James Cleveland, James Cleveland" w/piano.
Generic computer voice: "Initiate Stimulation."
Geordi: "Sweetie, that'll be enough of this."
Geordi: "It's great to be a black man in the 24th century."
Picard: "Space the final frontier." (Elmer Fudd type voice)
Picard: "Space the final frontier." (different voice)
Picard: "Where would you like to put in now Q?"
Picard: "Brilliant Patrick."
Picard: "Beyond belief Patrick."
Picard: "Fantastic Patrick."
Picard: "Well Done Patrick."
Picard: "We will never surrender unless you pay us enough."
Q: "Owen, you are nothing but a big fat bum."
Q: "Ok Keegan, you butthead, let's see you really play this game."
Q: "Ryan, I'm gonna come out and squeeze your neck."
Q: "If you aren't good boys I'll come out and freeze you."
Q: "Ok kids its time to do your homework."
Riker: "Let me ask you one quick question...is this the edge of reality?"
Riker: "Beanie & Cecil are one."
Troi: "Honey, surfs up dude."
Picard: "Hello Patrick, it's so good to see you again...I'm glad the two of us are together...you mean so much to me...I hope you
have fun...good luck."
Worf: "Hello Mr. Dorn."
Worf: "You are very handsome, Michael Dorn."

Other notes:
"James Cleveland" is the name of the real-life son of Gates McFadden, who plays Dr. Bevery Crusher in the TV series. In one episode in the series, "Jack Crusher" is the name of her husband, who died in an unfortunate accident. "Keegan" is John DeLancie's ("Q") real-life son. "Owen" may be another son as well. Jonathan Frakes' reference to "Beanie and Cecil" may have something to do with the Thunderbirds / puppet shows in (Frakes directed Thunderbirds). You can hear all the speech quotes played during attract mode by holding one flipper button and tapping the other.

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