Anyone ever gone to Expo before?

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Anyone ever gone to Expo before?

Post by monsterbash on Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:14 pm

I'm kicking around the idea of going this year and have never been. Has anyone gone before and was it worth it? I live in SK and it's a great chance to play lots of machines that I never see here, plus a great place to grab some unique pinball merchandise. I'm a terrible player, so the tournament doesn't interest me, and I've been to Chicago several times to watch football or hockey, so I've seen lots of the sites in the city already. I'm 33, so probably on the younger side of most attendees and wouldn't be going with anyone else (I've got lots of friends that will play my machines, but nobody that's really into it as a hobby - although I'm not opposed to hitting the 150+ machines at Expo by myself for a full day). I'm not too worried about the cost (I'll probably save $500 and take Amtrak instead of flying). I've just got to convince the wife to let me take off for the weekend without her and the kids.

Bottom line - should I go or just put that few hundred towards the next machine?


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Re: Anyone ever gone to Expo before?

Post by Malibu-ss on Thu Sep 26, 2013 3:20 pm

A few of us drove down last year.
We left Wed Morning and stayed till Sunday morning
We brought back a few machines and alot of parts.There is some good deals there if you need stuff like boards(Rottnedog) or ramps(Pinball Inc).
Make sure the game room is open the day that you go.I believe it is open all day and night Sat.schedule
I believe it is closed most of the day thurs and fri

The seminars were good and the Stern tour was awesome.
If you plan on going on Friday.....go see Terry at Pinball Life for some free food and beer,and discounts show specials.He also will have over 40 games set up  this year as well.
I would like to go again this year,but am not attending.
A few of us will be driving down next year for sure!

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