Highlights from Steve Ritchies speech in Houston

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Highlights from Steve Ritchies speech in Houston

Post by Malibu-ss on Fri Nov 15, 2013 5:16 pm

1. The Star Trek LE starfield projector is a beam that is refracted in a crystal that is in the apron. On the first test run the hole was larger and the starfield projected all over the backbox and the walls. Now they have the hole just large enough so it is only projected on the playfield. (Though he mentioned some creative modders could easily have it back to shooting everywhere, wink wink)

2. New AC/DC code could take up to a year to get released. Metallica code will be next in line for an update.

3. X-Men code update is very doubtfull but maybe. He chalked this up to "Team difficulties".

4. When working on new pins he always starts with the LE version and then strips things down to the pro.

5. His least favorite pin he made is Stellar Wars.

6. New computer system should be in the next game released. He was supposed to have it for Star Trek but it did not get ready in time.

7. The new boards for the next system are very small in the backbox and should have small LED lights on them as well to shine onto the translite. (He wants to be able to controll them via software so the backbox can blink again.)

8. Not really news, but new displays are coming soon. If not on the next game then by the one after that.

9. He also said he and somebody else high up want to do an original theme someday. Gary Stern, not so much.

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