WTB: Parts for a from scratch pinball machine

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WTB: Parts for a from scratch pinball machine

Post by prock on Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:36 pm

Okay so I haven't found my winter project yet so I've decided to start on my multi-year project of building a machine from scratch (on a budget to start).  I've teamed up with some people in the states and have started designing the electronics from scratch (yes from scratch) but I need some mechanical parts to get started with.  This is what I'm looking for to start with:

  • Full flipper assemblies with solenoid (L + R) in any working condition - Preferably Williams and System11 or newer.
  • 3 x pop bumper assemblies with solenoids in any working condition - Preferably Williams and System11 or newer.
  • Trough assembly of some sort working or not
  • Slingshot assemblies with solenoids (and switches) in any working condition along with hardware enough to mount the rubber on top of the playfield (dont care what it looks like)

Other items I may be interested in (again I dont care about their condition, just have to be functional):

  • kickout hole assemblies
  • scoop assemblies
  • standup targets
  • drop target banks
  • kickback assemblies
  • magnets
  • spinner assemblies + switches
  • posts (metal, plastic, dont care)
  • any other playfield hardware that may be useful (switch brackets, spacers, etc etc etc)
  • working transformer of any kind (need something that has at least  ~9VAC, ~13VAC and ~51VAC secondary windings.  For now I'm planning on using computer power supplies.

Of course if you have a populated playfield you are looking to part with (which will have many of the above components) I may be interested in it.

I'll be coming to you guys for some layout/design/theme ideas so start thinking about it!!  I'm probably about a year away from really looking at themes/layouts, but it doesn't hurt to start thinking about it now!

Keep on flipping!

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