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Post by Malibu-ss on Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:32 pm

ColorDMD Displays is excited to announce support for it's 27th multicolor title, World Poker Tour! Pressing our luck? WPT is the 13th new supported release for 2015! It is also joins ACDC, MET, and XMEN as the fourth title from ColorDMD to combines color with the extended shading of the SAM platform.

World Poker Tour was colored by Dan Czupryna. A pinball enthusiast since childhood, Dan (danczaz@Pinside) has enjoyed becoming more active in the pinball community and actively contributes on Pinside. We're excited to share Dan's work on WPT and look forward to collaborating on future projects!

Dan is an engineering graduate of the University of Arizona and has spent the last ten years working in the automotive industry. He resides in Chicagoland with his family, and welcomed his first child, Bode, earlier this year. When Dan's not playing pinball or spending time with family, you'll likely find him grinding it out in a poker tournament somewhere in the Midwest!

The WPT ColorDMD shares the same easy-to-install hardware platform as previous ColorDMD releases. All displays ship with the factory installed SIGMA ROM that supports WPC, WPC95, SAM, and Whitestar platforms. Multicolor operation is enabled through download and installation of a game-specific color ROM file, available from our site. ROMs can be changed at any time, allowing use with any of our supported titles. All ROMs support six different rendering styles including high-resolution upscaling.

Displays are shipping now from our store site or through our distributors. The color ROM for WPT pinball machines is targeted for release by Friday, September 18!

Watch our site and Facebook page for upcoming previews from World Poker Tour, as well as upcoming announcements regarding new product updates and releases!

For more information, please visit us at

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