List of items to look for when purchasing a used LOTR Pinball....

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List of items to look for when purchasing a used LOTR Pinball....

Post by paulohotline on Mon Oct 01, 2012 10:29 am

Hey now, here is my recap of things to look for when buying a used LOTR Pinball I put together so far... and what I have spent to repair or replace:

Flippers work properly - Right flipper plunger and sleeve are worn out and rub together after 30 minutes of play. Ordered flipper rebuild kit from Pinball life $45

Ring magnet works? Usually just a blown fuse. - works 100%

Flasher behind ring work? Usually blown. Easy fix. - works 100%

Balrog lights up and switch works. - works 100%

Post next to Gandalf lane is not bent over. Very weak and damages the PF? Stern issued a fix - Damaged - Ordred LOTR Ring Ramp Post Kit from Pinball Life $3.95

Gimli and Hobbiton hole switches work. These fail often. Also wear around these holes. Works 100% and ordered Cliffy's for Orthanc VUK and Golums Cave VUK to protect from further damage. $40 from Pinball Life

Orthank VUK can get the ball up to the PotD? Cleaning and new coil sleeve will usually fix this. - works 100%

LED board for all the little rings works? Not a common problem but expensive (80-200 bucks). - works 100%

Does it have the new stronger coils from Pinball life. Nope - Ordered 2 for $30.50 from Pinball Life

Cabinet wear around the flipper buttons. Yes - Starburst installed protectors! WOW

Make sure the battery has not damaged the board with acid leakage - Batteries were very old and mixed crap brands, were immdiately replaced! $6

Is wood on the right side of your shooter lane damaged from ball kickouts from the ball trough? Yes - ordered Lane Kickout Protector Kit from Pinball Life $8

Shire Lane wood damaged from ball drops from POTD? Yes - ordered Lane Protector Kit from Pinball life for $8

Arwen Plastic above the Mystery shot is cracked? Yes - ordered replacement and protector kit from Little shop of games for $35

Glass shape? Glass had deep scratches at bottom of playfield area - Ordered a new glass $40

This is my list so far, did I miss anything? Hopefully that's it for now!

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Re: List of items to look for when purchasing a used LOTR Pinball....

Post by Malibu-ss on Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:59 pm

looks good to me

If you want to use LEDS in LOTR you have to buy the no flic LEDS

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