STTNG Mods and Addons

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STTNG Mods and Addons

Post by paulohotline on Sat May 11, 2013 2:46 pm

Hey now, here are the recent mods I have installed to my STTNG along with the full Cointaker LED kit:

Color DMD and Alternate Translite:

Borg Plasma Mod:

Borg Solider Mod:

Pink Lighting under cabinet. Had to modify this and hook this up to an external 9Volt power source since it was blowing fuse 116 Smile Guess this mod was the final straw!

Other MODs on the My STTNG:

Star Trek The Next Generation Ship Upgrade Kit $164.99

Star Trek The Next Generation Target Decal Set $37.99

Cliffy STTNG Protector: The Neutral Zone $30.00

STTNG Laser Cannon Kit $125.00

Star Trek The Next Generation Backboard Decal $34.99

ColorDMD Replacement $399.00

COMPLETE SUPER Star Trek Next Generation LED Kit $259.00

STTNG custom ROM voice set $175.00

Star Trek the Next Generation (STTNG) Pinball Alternate Translite $89.00

Star Trek the Next Generation Pinball Start Mission Hole Light Mod $29.00

Star Trek the Next Generation Pinball Machine SUPER Borg mod $137.80

Star Trek the Next Generation Pinball Borg Plasma Mod $50.68

STTNG Extended Exit Lane Ball Guides- Stainless Steel $30.00

Total in mods to date -> $1562.45!

Last one to add on, install the -> Special Sound ROMs LX-7" rom set give you an Adjustment a.2 #28 - Turn on special speech function for additional actor voices in game! These are 7 chips that need to be added.

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Re: STTNG Mods and Addons

Post by flashman on Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:56 am

WOW!........WOW! may have got a bit carried away, but then again WOW! Phantabulous!


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