The Winnipeg Pinball League

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The Winnipeg Pinball League

Post by Yuriy M on Thu Feb 05, 2015 10:09 pm

Hello everyone.

I come to you tonight to offer a proposition.

As we all know in this forum, we are avid, devoted fans of the pinball entertainment medium. Pinball is something that is in our blood. We eat, sleep, and breathe pinball. It is a form of entertainment that was, is, and always will be with us till the day we die. I'm one of those fans.

It should also come as no surprise that as fans of pinball, we strive to go wherever we can to find a machine and get a few games in be it in bars, laundromats, or the occasional burger joint. In fact, some of us consider pinball a security blanket of sorts, but I digress.

For the short time that I've been here on these forums and the longest time that I've been a gamer and pinhead, I always wondered what it would be like if we, as joint pinheads, got together and had a good few games to help raise interest in pinball and have fun. Smile

So, with these words, I'm proposing the establishment of The Winnipeg Pinball League. The league gives us full recognition as true, blue Winnipegers who love pinball, believe in pinball, and play the hell out of pinball. Smile

As the league, we members of the forum can gather once a month in various pinball hotspots located around Winnipeg and play each other in games and do whatever else that helps benefit the league.

Let me all know what you think. Smile
Yuriy M

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