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ColorDMD Announces Tommy Empty ColorDMD Announces Tommy

Post by Malibu-ss on Tue May 17, 2016 6:12 am

ColorDMD's is excited to announce The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard as the 37th title to be supported by the ColorDMD multicolor pinball display platform! Tommy is the second Data East game to receive support and will be our sixth released title in 2016.

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Tommy is the first release for ColorDMD developer Frank Gigliotti. Frank has been an avid pinball player since the 1960's and plays nearly every day. Fresh off a three year adventure programming, animating and sound editing Riot Pinball's Wrath of Olympus pinball machine, Frank turned his sights on Tommy.

Tommy is one of Frank's favorite games and a cornerstone in his pinball collection. The color display is a visual treat that brings this rich and amazing story to life in one of Data East's most fun and exciting games.

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The ColorDMD for Tommy pinball machines leverages the company's easy-to-install ColorDMD SIGMA platform and supports six different rendering styles. Multicolor operation is enabled through free download and installation of a game-specific ROM using a USB drive. The display may be reconfigured for use with any supported title.

Displays are in stock now for immediate shipping, The color ROM for Tommy is targeted for release on Friday, May 6. A video preview will be available prior to the release. For additional information, including upcoming game previews, please visit us at

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